Author Guidelines

Submitted articles must meet the following requirements:

  1. Articles must be related to the theme specified.
  2. Articles are original works (do not contain plagiarism), have not been published in scientific journals or in book form, and are not being submitted to other periodical journals.
  3. Articles are written in good English with 4000 - 5000 words long on A4 paper size, with a left margin: 2.5 cm; above: 2,3; right: 2,3; and below: 2,3. Written using the Cambria font type, 12 pt font size, 1,15 spaces.
  4. The title is short, clear, informative and no more than 15 words. The title is written in bold with the Upper Case format, size 20 using the Cambria.
  5. The name of the author of the article (font 14) is listed without an academic degree accompanied by the origin of the institution and e-mail is placed under the article title Manuscripts written by the team, one of the authors must be included as the corresponding author.
  6. Abstracts are written in English 180-250 words, and contain concise and concise contents of articles about the objectives, methods and results of the study. Keywords are written between 3-5 syllables.
  7. Subtitles are written in bold, size 12, by writing as follows:
    Rank 2 (Uppercase, Lowercase, Flat Left Bank)
    Rank 3 (Uppercase, Lower-Slanted, Flat Left Bank)
  8. Each beginning of a paragraph is typed indented into five beats.
  9. References must be written in the form of a body note and adjusted to the writing style of the Tamaddun Journal of Islamic Studies. using APA style in MENDELEY software is must
  10. Tables and Figures
    1. The results of data processing from statistical software are not justified to be used directly in writing articles, but must be processed first in the form of images, or tables that are appropriate.
    2. Tables and figures are given information in the form of names and serial numbers (Arabic numerals). For the table of information listed above, while for the image listed below..
    3. If the table or figure is quoted from a source, the source must be listed at the bottom.
  11. Please Download and Use our template here